Casino games: online craps

Craps gambling is so widespread that every second inhabitant of the planet earth knows about it. Today we present you the electronic version of the famous bones, where you can fully enjoy all the excitement and get a lot of unforgettable positive emotions. Be careful and follow the combinations, shy with a light hand and do not play when you are in a bad mood. Enjoy.

Not surprisingly, an interesting game like craps online gambling has the same interesting story. According to one legend, the dice game was created by the medieval prelate William of Tire, trying to come up with entertainment for his knights during the Crusades. Another legend claims that the game was invented by ancient Roman soldiers using pork knuckles (in fact, the name “bones” came from here). The modern game of dice and its main variety, craps, first appeared in Louisiana thanks to the wealthy French landowner Bernard Xavier de Marigny. Like many other casino games, the game of dice has survived its heyday in the New World. Some of the rules and terms adopted in the Old World have been preserved. Some have been invented already in America. During World War II, soldiers of the American army played craps right on the slopes (it seems that there is still some truth in the legends of Roman soldiers and crusades). Around the same time, thanks to John Wynn, the craps settled as a full-fledged casino game. Wynn introduced several new features to the rules of craps, including “right” and “wrong” bets, a “Don’t Pass” bet and the ability to bet on or against a shooter.

Best online craps game

Best online craps game gained wide popularity in the casino of Nevada, and in the 1990s and 2000s it experienced another boom thanks to the advent of the online gambling industry. Since craps involves direct communication with the participants of the game, its online version was not as successful as, for example, the version of poker or blackjack, but with the advent of “social gambling” the situation will undoubtedly change.

Adored by hundreds of thousands of people, craps online can be positioned as an aristocratic casino game. It’s easy to understand and understand its rules, it’s difficult only to remember the bets, which are quite a lot in the game and each is evaluated differently. But craps for dummies is rightfully considered one of the most interesting of the famous casino games. The goal of the game is to predict the outcome of the dice that are thrown onto the game table. In craps we play in turn all the participants at the table. Craps game online is carried out using two hexagonal dice, on each edge of which there is a specific number of points. You make a bet in craps casino, and then shake the dice and throw on the table, they fall randomly, and the number of points summarized for each game is shown on top. Online craps can be conditionally divided into two main stages:

  • Come Out Roll – the first, that is, a roll of dice, after which the number of points dropped out is calculated
  • Point Roll – the second, that is, these are all throws made after determining Point

Craps online

Craps has a distinctive feature – a huge betting field where the player can “roam”. In other words, the game contains bets on Don’t Pass Line and Pass Line, that is, a player’s loss or win, respectively. These bets in online casinos craps are always profitable, since the probability of winning on them is equal to 1 to 2. A similar characteristic can be done for Don’t Come and Come bets. In combination with the Odds Bet, these bets give the player the best result. In fact, the table of winnings and stakes in craps games is very large, and needs to be carefully studied. It contains all the unlikely opportunities for the loss of the amount of points. More details on all sorts of bets in the game can be found on any site that offers to play Nigerian craps online.

In free craps game, the advantage is always on the side of the casino. Pass Line bet gives the casino an advantage of 1.41%. In other bets, the casino has an even greater advantage. However, the payout on them for players is also significantly higher. For beginners, casino games craps free is a rather complicated game, so for starters it is best to play the demo version in one of the leading online casinos. Only when you feel that the essence of the game is clear to you, you can start playing for money. If you are new to betting with low risk – Pass Line and Come Line. Once you are more or less “drawn in”, you can try to take a chance and place a bet on the center of the table. Online casino craps involves communication, whether you play in a real casino or online. But remember: chatting with interesting people and having fun is good, of course, but you only play for yourself. How many others bet, you should not worry – you are not playing with the players, but with the casino.

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