Bank transfer

Payment method: bank transfer

Bank transfer, ie the transfer of money between two bank accounts, is the most basic means of payment, which does not mean that it is the simplest to perform. Most online casinos accept this form of payment, but there are several requirements to be met in terms of maximum limits, provision of personal data, etc. Some casinos only accept bank transfer as a form of withdrawal (of gambling prizes), not payment.

In concept terms, bank transfer is quite simple. The online casino must provide your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) or BIC (Bank Identification Code). Then you must indicate to your bank (either at the counter, at an ATM or at homebanking) that you want to transfer a certain amount to that IBAN or BIC.

Remember that the casino will receive an amount from a bank account in your name, but assigning that amount to your casino player account may not be automatic. Once you have made the transfer, you should be required to contact the casino and provide proof of transfer to facilitate the completion of this process.

What is the difference between IBAN and NIB?

The IBAN, whose use is now mandatory for transfers in place of the bank identification number (NIB), is nothing more than the NIB itself preceded by the particle, which identifies country (ie if the account is open with a bank). In practice, the IBAN is “CODE of Country 50 + NIB”.

IBAN will not start with CODE of Country 50 only if the casino bank account is open with a foreign bank.

Things to keep in mind when choosing bank transfer as a payment method

In addition to normally requiring further validation, bank transfer is not usually instantaneous. It may take a few business days to complete, depending on the banks involved and also on how the casino will associate the transfer with the player’s identity. This process becomes simpler after the first transfer is made as the casino can now link the player account with the bank account. In any case, the supply of some personal data is almost always the rule.

If you want to make an instant bank transfer, additional fees may apply.

In any case, the procedure is relatively simple and is accepted by most online casinos.

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