How to play slots online?

Standard Deviation Strategy

The standard deviation strategy is a way of using determination, concentration and some money to greatly increase the odds of getting back your slots bets, but remember that success is not 100% guaranteed and will always depend on it. odds established by the house for the slot in question. It works as follows:

Look for a slot machine where you get a value proportional to the number of coins you bet on a line, the so-called “equal value” machine.

Determine the pattern of play between two prizes; play until you get a prize and then count the number of rounds until a prize comes out again.

By repeating the procedure a significant number of times (some experts recommend a minimum of 10 slot prizes), you will have been able to determine the average number of plays between prizes.

Choose your favorite playing circumstance

Not a strategy in itself, it is a way for the player to gain control over how they want to play in the slots. For example, would you rather play in Scratch Card or EuroMillions? If you like Scratchcards more and prefer to win prizes very often, but smaller, you should choose a low variance machine. If you prefer EuroMillions and don’t mind that the prizes are rarer but very valuable then you should choose a high variance machine.

Another possibility is to choose between a fixed payout slot machine or a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is potentially more attractive, especially when there are several online slot machines linked together, sometimes even from different casinos. However, the odds of getting the prize are also lower than for the maximum fixed payment. Ultimately, the first scenario is more likely to be profitable, albeit with lower premiums; but if you’re playing slots for the thrill of winning a super prize, be sure to look for progressive jackpots!

Play in licensed casinos

By playing in casinos based and licensed to operate in Africa, players guarantee greater chances of winning prizes (as compliance with the law, in terms of respect for established odds and payout periods, is what distinguishes serious houses from others) .

But they also have the possibility to play in English, which for some can still be considered new, since for many years this type of platforms was only available abroad. Not only were the games and rules displayed in English, but the Terms and Conditions of the websites and the customer service itself were not available in Camões. Being able to interact with the casino entirely in English and under the protection of law are two huge advantages of playing in licensed online casinos which will feature prominently on our portal.

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